ICMIZER updates
ICMIZER updates

ICMIZER 3.21.0 and 3.21.1 – Improved Range Editor and bug fixes - October 21, 2022




In ICMIZER 3.21.0 update, we improved the Range Editor.

Range Editor

Now, in the range editor control, you can edit the range with the slider located at the bottom of the hand's table and by entering a range weight as a percentage in the new text box.


The text box of the range now contains the weights of hands:


Also, as you can note, the design of the range editor became smoother and easier:


ICMIZER 3.21.1 update bug fixes:

  • fixed the issue with arrow keys in the Replayer;
  • fixed bug when the FGS settings checkmark "Take into account future increase of blinds" can't be turned off.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or chat if you still experience any problems.