ICMIZER updates
ICMIZER updates

ICMIZER 3.22.0 – Replayer and MTT Coach Interface Changes and Improvements, bug fixes – February 13, 2023




In the ICMIZER 3.22.0 update, we've made some interface changes and improvements in Replayer and MTT Coach and fixed some minor bugs.


  • Added the Reverse list feature to Replayer. This option is most important for GGPoker hands since, by default, they are in reverse order, and replay could not be done from the beginning to the end of the tournament in the correct order.


It also reverses the list of hands in the "Histories" tab in the ICMIZER calculator.

MTT Coach

  • Added the Players till ITM information to the tournament data in the question window.
  • Added a new information table to MTT final tables and SNGs that provides payouts of the tournament.
  • Added the "i" icon next to the tournament's name that shows the tooltip with the tournament info when hovering the cursor over it.

You can now see more helpful information while answering questions in the MTT Coach and train your pushfold skill even more efficiently!

Added new GGPoker tournaments in ICMIZER and MTT Coach – January 11, 2023




We've added the following GGPoker tournaments to ICMIZER and MTT Coach:

  • $2.16 Bounty Hunters $500 Turbo PKO
  • $3.21 Bounty Hunters $600 Turbo PKO
  • $1.08 Bounty Hunters Big One $1.8K Normal PKO
  • $2.16 Bounty Hunters Mini Big Game $7.5K Normal PKO
  • $2.16 Bounty Hunters Special $5K Normal PKO
  • $3.21 Bounty Hunters Special $2.5K Normal PKO
  • $1.08 Bounty Hunters Special $2K Normal PKO
  • $2.16 Bounty Hunters Special $1.5K 6-max Hyper PKO
  • $2.16 Bounty Hunters Special $1.25K 6-max Turbo PKO
  • $5 Daily Monster Stack $2.5K Turbo
  • $4 Daily Special $2K Turbo
  • $2.5 Daily Special $1.2K Turbo
  • $3 Mini Superstack $2K Turbo
  • $2.5 Daily Monster Stack $4K Turbo



Now, you can analyze more hands from GGPoker in ICMIZER and practice more tournaments in MTT Coach!

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Bug fixes - November 2, 2022




Fixed work of the "Restore password" feature.

Don't hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or chat if you still experience any problems.

Bug fixes - ICMIZER 3.21.2 and 3.21.3 Updates - October 28, 2022




Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug with displaying incorrect ranges percentages in ICMIZER after forwarding from the MTT Coach's question;
  • fixed work of the "Show known cards" option in the Replayer for some hand histories from Ignition;
  • fixed bug when pot sizes disappeared at the beginning of each street in the Replayer;
  • fixed work of the "Share this result" links.

Don't hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or chat if you still experience any problems.

ICMIZER 3.21.0 and 3.21.1 – Improved Range Editor and bug fixes - October 21, 2022




In ICMIZER 3.21.0 update, we improved the Range Editor.

Range Editor

Now, in the range editor control, you can edit the range with the slider located at the bottom of the hand's table and by entering a range weight as a percentage in the new text box.


The text box of the range now contains the weights of hands:


Also, as you can note, the design of the range editor became smoother and easier:


ICMIZER 3.21.1 update bug fixes:

  • fixed the issue with arrow keys in the Replayer;
  • fixed bug when the FGS settings checkmark "Take into account future increase of blinds" can't be turned off.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or chat if you still experience any problems.

Added PokerStars WCOOP 2022 tournaments in ICMIZER and MTT Coach – September 10, 2022




We've added the following PokerStars WCOOP 2022 tournaments to ICMIZER and MTT Coach:

  • WCOOP 30-L $22 Freezout $100K Normal
  • WCOOP 30-M $215 Freezout $175K Normal
  • WCOOP 33-L $5.50 Sunday Warm-Up $50K Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 33-M $55 Sunday Warm-Up $300K Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 34-L $109 Sunday Million $1.25M Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 34-M $1050 NLHE $1.25M Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 64-L $22 Freezout $100K Normal
  • WCOOP 64-M $215 Freezout $250K Normal
  • WCOOP 65-L $5.50 Sunday Cooldown $40K Turbo
  • WCOOP 65-M $55 Sunday Cooldown $250K Turbo
  • WCOOP 66-L $55 NLHE $500K Normal
  • WCOOP 66-M $530 NLHE $650K Normal
  • WCOOP 73-L $11 Freezout $50K Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 73-M $109 Freezout $175K Normal PKO
  • WCOOP 88-L $11 NLHE $60K Turbo
  • WCOOP 88-M $109 NLHE $150K Turbo
  • WCOOP 92-L $109 Main Event $2.5M Normal
  • WCOOP 92-M $1050 Main Event $4M Normal
  • WCOOP 99-L $22 Super Tuesday $100K Normal
  • WCOOP 99-M $215 Super Tuesday $250K Normal
  • WCOOP 102-L $55 Final Freeze $150K Normal
  • WCOOP 102-M $530 Final Freeze $200K Normal
  • WCOOP 104-L $5.50 Wrap-Up $40K Hyper PKO
  • WCOOP 104-M $55 Wrap-Up $125K Hyper PKO


Now, you can prepare for WCOOP 2022 with ICMIZER 3 – analyze played hands in ICMIZER and practice upcoming WCOOP 2022 tournaments in MTT Coach!

Added new 888poker tournaments in ICMIZER and MTT Coach – August 23, 2022




We've added the following 888poker tournaments to ICMIZER and MTT Coach:

  • $11 Big Shot $5K Normal
  • $5.50 Dash $750 Turbo
  • $5.50 Voyage $1.5K Normal
  • $8.80 Rumble $5K Normal PKO



Now, you can analyze more hands in ICMIZER, and practice more tournaments in MTT Coach!

Also, we've fixed blind levels for the GGPoker $31.50 Bounty Hunters $5K tournament.

Kick-Off PKOs from PokerStars in ICMIZER and MTT Coach – February 17, 2022




Kick-Off tournaments on PokerStars is the new poker format – 4-way fast-paced PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournament, with large blinds, the majority of hands played at the push/fold stage, and no classic prize pool.

Now you can review Kick-Off tournaments hands in ICMIZER:


and practice Kick-Off tournaments poker strategy in MTT Coach:



Read more about the new great support for Kick-Off tournaments in ICMIZER, Replayer, and MTT Coach

ICMIZER 3.20.0 – SNG Coach Is Now MTT Coach with a New Quiz List and Filter – February 11, 2022




In ICMIZER 3.20.0 update, we've improved the ease of use and management of various quizzes available in our adaptive push/fold coach and changed its name to more relevant to its complete set of available tools and features – MTT Coach.


Since the release of the SNG Coach in 2015, we've added and improved many new features and tools. From a personal SNG trainer, it has grown into a universal coach where you can practice push/fold skills in all kinds of modes – Chip EV, single and multi-table SNG tournaments, and in huge MTTs including Progressive KO tournaments. The list of tournaments to choose from was growing every year and currently it has about 250 different tournaments! The long list of tournaments that we've had since the very beginning became hard to navigate.

In the ICMIZER 3.20.0 update, we've added a search bar and a new useful system of filters to search and sort the tournaments from the list.


We've also increased the number of tournaments in the Favorites list from 3 to 9 and changed the display style of the tournament list from one column to three.

The Quiz list now behaves similarly to the ICMIZER Tournament list.

Now it's easier for you to navigate through a large number of tournaments, and therefore we are ready to receive your requests for adding tournaments that you want to have in the MTT Coach list. If MTT Coach still misses some important tournament structure, please, send your suggestions for adding it to our email, and we will add them!

These changes significantly improve the usability of the personal push/fold trainer MTT Coach and allow you to train and improve your push/fold skills even more effectively.